"And I know that I can survive, I'll walk through fire to save my life. And I want it, I want my life so bad. I'm doing everything I can"
Ella Cronin
(I like to be called El)
London girl
Twitch streamer and owner of the Bambee Store
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You have a boyfriend?

A question by Anonymous

I have a headache.

You are so beautiful it hurts. Like, how do guys like us get you to notice us? Your boyfriend is one lucky chap!

A question by Anonymous

Just wave Jaffa Cakes at me, seriously. It worked. 

Me in two sentences.

Me: I won't get jealous
Me: Who's this fucking whore


UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson poses for a photo September 20, 2014 at the United Nations in New York on September, 20

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Keira Knightley photographed by Eric Ray Davidson, Toronto International Film Festival 2014

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