"You could be the king but watch the queen conquer."
Ella Cronin
London girl
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If it's not too much trouble, could you please stop being so pretty, your sunshine face is distracting me from my procrastination. <3

A question by crystal0rchid

Ahhh you’re too cute! Thank you, you’re lovely!

How many asks a day do you get saying you look like Emma Watson?

A question by paperbackheadz

It varies but I get it couple of times a day most days. I can’t say I completely understand why but it’s a lovely compliment :)

I'm sorry about people that are being insensitive about your situation with ant. I'm so sorry that people are intrusive and rude. You are a lovely human being and I only wish nothing but happiness for you. Please take care and remember to never let the anons get you down.

A question by Anonymous

This is really sweet, thank you so much x

Getting ready for bed selfies.


I’m pretty impressed with how nicely my hair is growing out from my last pixie cut 😊 (I do feel it might need a little trim but meh)

Even though it’s afternoon, some sort of breakfast in bed would be awesome right now.

Where did you find that mirror? It's so extravagant

A question by ponderosa96

Ikea :P