"You could be the king but watch the queen conquer."
Ella Cronin
London girl
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Getting ready for bed selfies.


Some quick @missellacronin to start the engine today…

I’m going to admit I did a little gasp when I saw this.You are so talented, Thank you so much! 

Throwback to when I didn’t feel like utter poop.

Found my super comfy leotard whilst packing and it’s the perfect thing for today

Not sure about having my hair out instead of pinned/tied back. #growingoutapixiecutpain

The ears on my totoro onesie are just the cutest.

Successful day of streaming (broke well over 100 current viewers and reached third top GTA V stream at one point) I was also really happy with my face/makeup today. Expect all the gifs

It’s been a good evening. Thank you to everyone that came and watched my stream this evening!