"And I know that I can survive, I'll walk through fire to save my life. And I want it, I want my life so bad. I'm doing everything I can"
Ella Cronin
(I like to be called El)
London girl
Twitch streamer and owner of the Bambee Store
Instagram - missellacronin


Still one of my favourite places.

So far so good. It is taking me forever to level up though.

“ I’ve realised that I’ve only got like 2 nice pictures of @missellacronin and I together. Everything else is just us pulling faces. ”

—    (via ohmycosh)

You’re the main culprit and a terrible influence. However, I did find a nice one that you took on my phone.

Need another pizza date soon.

Finally put my fairy lights up in my (new) room. 

Selling a few new bits from my wardrobe (including a beautiful tailored tweed style ladies blazer) on the depop app. My username is - missellacronin

A Sigil, your Grace.

Eeep, yay! Thank you Alex!

I’m not sure at what point that this happened today but yay! Thank you guys.

122 was the highest amount of viewers I saw on your current stream :)

Thank you so much Fran! The highest I saw 122 as well but apparently I reached 160. 

So instead of sulking I’m going to put the mirror that smashed to a slightly different use based around the concept of “selfies” and the theme of a fractured body image, distorted self perception and the possible causes. I did some test shots just to play around but I’m going to take some more pictures with better light tomorrow and I’m going to be writing a short paragraph about this from a personal point of view.